Esta fotografia é uma metáfora visual. Simboliza o núcleo de Vida, entendendo-a como a Natureza, as Gentes e as suas Culturas, rodeados pela adversidade.

É um sinal e um clamor em memória dos povos da Peneda e do Gerês.

quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

Discussão publica POPNPG

Estão disponíveis para discussão publica os documentos do POPNPG e podem ser consultados no site do ICNB, neste link.

Caso queira apenas ver a proposta de regulamento, clique aqui.

3 comentários:

  1. Tempo de resistencia para todos que apoiam a nossa regiao. Visite

  2. Lets us fight to keep our rights to economic and social benefits to energy resources in private and common lands within the Park.

  3. After reading the latest POPNPG, it is easy to see that it is a document designed to steal the rights of NATIVE PARK people. My family left Portelinha, Castro Laboreiro long ago with intentions of returning someday. This is why we still maintain a home and all our family lands at great sacrifice.
    Our current greatest resource in Portelinha is wind. Why can we not develop private family wind farms in our private lands to provide a sustainable way of life. These are our NATIVE lands not the Government's. If the Government does not allow the use for this purpose(private family wind farm), they must pay for present and future economic losses based on wind potentials blowing across our private lands.
    My family does not grant permission to any Government, the right to restrict our private land use in any manner different from those that live outside the Park. We want the same economic opportunity as those people living outside Park boundries. My family together with like-minded neighbours are prepared to fight for justice in the courts of law if necessary.
    Please forward these comments to meetings taking place next month.
    Thank You
    Dr Americo Fernandes&Family